At a Glance

Maple River Veterinary Associates is fortunate to have numerous diagnostic, surgical, medical, and in-patient hospitalization capabilities.

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Diagnostically the clinic is equipped with a serum chemistry (evaluates internal organ function to determine if there are abnormalities) machine which also can determine electrolyte concentrations; a complete blood count machine to determine the breakdown of red (oxygen carrying) and white (immune fighting) cells; full examination of urine for evidence of endocrine, infectious, and cancerous disorders; the ability to in-house test several common infectious diseases; a special centrifuge to prepare fecal samples to determine if internal parasites are present; the ability to determine if external parasites are present; full microscope capability with several specialty stains for fine needle aspirates (e.g. needle biopsy); digital radiography (x-rays); and ultrasound. The clinic also recently obtained two ophthalmic instruments; one which can accurately measure eye pressure (important for glaucoma and uveitis patients) and the ability to fully scan the retina (cases of acute blindness,¬† infections, and neurological disease). Maple River Veterinary Associates also has a relationship with several laboratories throughout the United States to perform more specific tests should they be necessary. The clinic frequently performs biopsies and/or submits tissues obtained during surgery for pathological evaluation. Maple River has a veterinary cardiologist available to interpret the heart’s electrical conduction which can be performed in-clinic.

Surgically, the veterinarians at Maple River Veterinary Associates are comfortable performing common soft-tissue surgeries and even some orthopedic procedures. Advanced orthopedic (and soft tissue) surgeries are often referred either locally or further down state to specialty hospitals.

Similarly we are comfortable treating most medical conditions on either an out- or in-patient basis as necessary and have a wide range of medicines in our pharmacy. We will readily prescribe medicines though a human or veterinary pharmacy elsewise. Maple River Veterinary Associates performs certain chemotherapies and this is often done under the guidance of a veterinary oncologist. Our veterinarians often consult specialists for complicated cases and is always willing to refer should the need arise.

The clinic  features over a dozen kennels of numerous sizes to house out- and in-patients, as well as an isolation ward so we can treat even the most sick of patients. The clinic also features an attached covered kennel run so your pets can be outside for parts of the day (weather pending).